Kitchen cabinets have been a staple of kitchen decorating since the days when kitchens were simple affairs without much cabinet space. Today, the options that people have when it comes to kitchen cabinets is practically limitless. The kitchen has become not only a place where one gets ready for cookingContinue Reading

A professional commercial air duct cleaning performed during the summer months is an effective way to maintain a clean environment for business or for homeowners. This service removes allergens, dust mites, bacteria, fungi, and viruses from ducts that transport air throughout a home or business. Professional air duct cleaning servicesContinue Reading

Penetrating water repellents do not peel, but they wear out. When it is time to re-coat the wood, you do not have to scrape the wood clean prior to applying the new coating. This can save a tremendous amount of work. You will still have to carefully and thoroughly washContinue Reading

Not all deck sealers or water repellents are created equal. Film forming deck finishes contain clear resins that soak into the wood but they also lay at the surface. A film on any horizontal wood deck or railing is not desired. Penetrating water repellents are a much better choice. TheyContinue Reading

Do not use any form of Chlorine Bleach as a deck cleaner, as it will damage all of the components of your wooden decks and is toxic to surrounding plantings. Chlorine bleach will also discolour the wood. Oxygen bleach cleaners are non-toxic – and clean wood beautifully. Oxygen bleach formsContinue Reading

Wood decks built with CCA treated lumber should be cleaned and sealed to keep the chemicals from being washed out of them and into the soil. Cedar decks and other non-treated wood materials should be cleaned thoroughly, before applying a sealer. Pressure washing wood decks can erode the soft woodContinue Reading

Our unique showroom and design centre provides our clients with a one-stop-shopping location to discuss design concepts and materials, for both deck building and major landscaping projects. Give Just Decks a call to arrange an appointment today. For your convenience, you can also take advantage of our online Request forContinue Reading